Let's be real...

Let's be real for just a sec, okay? Sometimes you have to give into the craziness. It was already 5:00pm and all three of my children were screaming and crying. Two of my three had done this most of the day. Feeling like I was nearing my wit's end, I plopped down on the floor in the dining room.

"I just need a minute" I thought to myself.

I tried to give myself a pep talk about being able to whip up some quick supper and still manage to get the kids bathed and into bed on time, but as I sat there, I noticed all of the crumbs that had accumulated on the floor throughout the day and I realized I never got the opportunity to sweep.

For a moment I heard, "You're not doing a good enough job."

Then, from the other room, I heard one of my favorite Christmas songs, "Breath of Heaven" playing.

"Breath of Heaven, hold me together. Be forever near me. Breath of Heaven."

It was the Prince of Peace, my Jesus, meeting me where I was at on that crummy dining room floor and whispering, "I've got this, Stacy. I've got you."

My kids crawled into my lap, I took a deep breath, and when the song ended I felt renewed. We made silly faces, took silly pictures, and supper got made. When my two year old proudly announced that he had just brushed his hair... with the toilet brush... I was able to laugh to myself instead of losing it. They all got their baths and they all were in bed on time. 

Thank you Lord.


Stacy MacDonaldComment