Awkward Moments

Have you ever walked into a room super psyched up for something, passed through the doors, and had the thought, “Oh crap I know absolutely no one in this entire, enormous room.”

You realize that everyone seems to know someone, and you’re the weirdo on an island by yourself wishing someone would talk to you.

You pull out your phone and pretend to text someone while in all actuality you’re frantically scrolling through Instagram as you become increasingly aware of your sweaty armpits and increased breathing. “Oh man, oh man. What would I give for someone to just talk to me?” Yeah, this is definitely a personal testimony to the awkwardness that is my existence.

I kind of got defensive in the moment. I mean, why is it that I try so hard to be this bubbly person who tries to make everyone feel included, but in this one moment, when I need someone to be a blessing to me, I feel more alone than ever? I sat in a corner and pouted.

Now I wouldn’t suggest this reaction to everyone. In all actuality, I probably missed out on a lot of really awesome conversations by finding comfort in the negative space in my mind. The fact is that I’m not going to feel comfortable all the time.

John 15:19 says, “If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” Feeling uncomfortable doesn’t give me the right to cut off opportunities of growth. Plants grow best with fertilizer, and fertilizer doesn’t smell like Chanel No. 5.   

I think Pastor Rick Bezet said it best, “The comfort He gives you is not for you.”

God is our Father. He wants to grow you and bless you. It’s like an earthly father teaching his child to ride a bike. First come the training wheels, then a hand holding the seat, and then eventually letting go. He’s never far. In fact, his hand hovers just above the seat to catch you if you fall, but He meant for you to stand tall for His glory. He grew you up to be a worker in a harvest of plenty.

When we ask Him to lead us to the dark places, He is more than willing to do so, but we need to recognize that these are not going to be comfortable places. We can’t take this tentative, hide your face behind daddy’s pants leg approach. It has to be the kick-butt approach. You have the King of Kings urging you forward with His hand hovering just above your seat. He isn’t going anywhere, and if you fall, he will pick you right back up, so walk in a stride of confidence.

We can’t keep asking for a miracle in all situations when He has called us to be the miracle. We are the blessing. I wasted so much of my life crawling into the negative space in my head because it was so much easier than embracing the uncomfortable moments of life. Trust that if you just take a first step, God will guide your foot in the right direction.

When you get uncomfortable, find your comfort in Jesus and barrel through. He has equipped you for the road ahead. In that room full of people who all seem to know someone, see it as an opportunity to make two friends instead of one.  “You were set apart, not set aside.” – Lysa Terkeurst. If it’s an awkward situation, kick the dust off your sandals and move forward. The harvest is plenty and they’re not all going to give you a funny look.

Rose DudleyComment