A Shift

It doesn’t take much to get off course. Sometimes a single degree is enough to send you miles from your destination. As a kid, I was never any good at math. What frustrated me the most was my uncanny tendency to make a minute error early on in my calculations, resulting in answers that weren’t even options in the multiple choices.

I see this parallel so often with life. Whether it be ignoring a minor conviction, avoiding prayer time for fear of an answer, or putting off a task at work: we don’t always see the impact our little actions have in the grand scheme, but a few miles down the road and that single degree off could turn into a 90-degree off-shoot.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been there – but I certainly have. Often, I've made a single choice to ignore God’s conviction. I let those decisions develop and brew for years at times, snow balling. I refused to let God heal the wound that tried to hide from His sight. I had a clear idea of my goals and purpose, but I let the small mistakes before me skew my projection. Of course, there were consequences.

I want to make this very clear: consequences do not equate punishment. They are merely the result of our choices both good and bad. But God can run with every track and every consequence -- no matter how far off you may seem. You are never too far. It is so incredibly easy to get off track, but the beauty of grace is that God will always joyfully guide you home.

So whether you are miles from the target or a mere millimeter off the mark, sometimes a small shift of perspective is all you need to find the track to your purpose once more or even for the first time.

A few questions to consider:

·      Instead of asking, “Who am I?” ask yourself, “Who am I walking with?”

The greatest means of finding the right path is to align yourself with the footsteps with your shepherd. If you align your goals, actions, and heart with His, you will find sure footing always.

·      Instead of asking, “What is my end goal?” ask, “How do I get there?”

What is your next step? God is a lamp unto our feet, but a lamp only lights a small portion of our path. When you ask, God will show you just as far as you are willing to go. The journey may be daunting, but a single step taken with sure confidence can be the beginning of many miles.

·      Ask, “What is my bigger yes?”

The enemy of the best is often the good. When a million options seem to find themselves in your path, take time to find the option that is right for you. It may be scary, but when you take your goal into mind, the choice that best leads you there will be apparent.

A centipede does not simultaneously maneuver every joint and section of its long, spindly body in order to shift directions. It merely turns its head, and the rest follows suit. Comparably, you don’t always need to make massive changes to find your way – though I won’t discourage you from doing so. Finding the path of righteousness isn’t always so terribly difficult. Turn your face to God, and all else will fall in line.

Rose DudleyComment