What are you passionate about and completely dedicated to? The easy answer may be work, but what do you have evidence of pouring yourself into?

I love the band OK GO. Although their song “The One Moment” came out in 2014, it has recently become somewhat of an anthem for me. The whole song is wonderful, as is their music video for it of course, and it’s one that I blare in the car (okay, minivan) on the reg. So much so that even my kids sing along with me to it.

“And this will be the one moment that matters

And this will be the one thing we remember

And this will be the reason to have been here

And this will be the one moment that matters at all

So won't you stay here with me and we'll build until we've blistered our hands…”

What a challenge and a great reminder. We teach our kids that life isn’t easy and that its full of hard work. More importantly, though, we teach them that hard work is so worth it. When you passionately pursue something, when you work hard, the results in the end are beautiful and chances are you will have even filled a vault with priceless, beautiful, and chaotic moments and memories that are just as precious as your end point.

Have you ever seen the movie Whiplash? Twenty-Fourteen must have been a good year for media entertainment because this movie also came out that year. If you haven’t seen it, it’s an intense movie of musical passion. For as great as it is, I’ll admit it can be hard to watch and hard to listen to at times. Drummer, Andrew Neimann, plays with full dedication and complete passion under the direction of an over-the-top teacher. He plays until his hands are bloodied and blistered from his drumsticks because he is determined to be one of the greats. He sweats and bleeds onto his drum kit as he passionately tries to keep tempo.

Are you building anything with that sort of dedication and heart? With so much commitment that your hands are blistered with evidence that you are too passionate to give up? As we head into the weekend, I challenge you to really think about where your passions are. Put your phone down. Sign off social media and look around at what you could be building. Is it a moment with a stranger that could use some help and kindness? Is it a memory with your kids? Is it a relationship that you’ve let fall to the wayside because that was easier that putting in the work to make things better? Don’t resign yourself to apathy and don’t let a Netflix binge rob you of the time that you have to build something great. I will take on this challenge and I hope you’ll join me. Let’s not leave a legacy of passivity, but one that is evident of all that we’ve poured ourselves into. Blistered hands and all.


Sidenote:  If you’d rather not sit through the abusive language of the rest of the movie, you should still find a way to watch the end of Whiplash. It is so good. Then turn your tv off and go build something great.

Stacy MacDonald2 Comments