The Gift of Grace

Some days I find myself completely overwhelmed by God’s grace.

God’s grace is sweet to me like a cool breeze blowing in through the windows that causes the curtains to quietly expand and fall. It’s like a drenching Spring rain that makes all time seem to stand still. It’s like finding a field of sunflowers, watching the clouds drift by, listening to the birds sing out, or just feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. It is a complete a total gift. An unmerited gift, by definition. It is something so complex, yet so simple. Grace, salvation, redemption and mercy. These are good gifts. These are gifts that we have complicated and convinced ourselves that they’re too good to be true and if they are true, we’re not good enough for them. Hear me when I say you and I are exactly who those gifts were intended for. We are not good enough for them, and that’s where grace comes in and covers us and says Someone who was good enough, the Only One that was good enough, has come and made them possible for us to receive. You see, the thing about a gift is that you don’t earn it. That would be a reward. A gift is given by one and accepted by another. God gave us His Son, Jesus. All we have to do is accept Him into our lives and what follows from the gift of salvation is a myriad of life-altering gifts. Freedom and redemption, mercy and grace, hope and everlasting life, just to name a few.

If you’ve never asked Jesus into your heart to be the Lord and Savior of your life, then you just can’t even begin to understand how sweet His grace is. “Amazing Grace” is a great song, but I promise you, it is so much better than that. It is something that you can’t quite wrap your head around until you’ve experienced it and my prayer is that if you’re reading this and don’t personally know Jesus that you will come to know Him and experience His sweet, sweet grace and unfailing love.

Romans 3:23-25 says the following (with my emphasis and explanations in parenthesis):

“For ALL (that means you and I, your momma, the Pastor, the person you look up to the most just as much as the person who annoys you the most) have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (everything that’s amazing about God and all of His good gifts, we are not worthy of, BUT keep reading!), and ALL (yep, you and I, your momma, the Pastor, the person you love and the person you loathe) are justified (made worthy recipients) freely (it didn’t cost us anything) by his grace (just because God loves us!) through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus (Jesus’ death and resurrection made our redemption possible!) God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement (He paid the price instead of us) through the shedding of his blood to be received by faith (that’s our part right there. God did his part by offering up his son, Jesus did his part by shedding the blood, and now all we have to do is receive Him by faith).

Receive Christ into your heart and allow God to drench you in His grace. It truly is amazing.

Stacy MacDonaldComment