A New Year or Just a New Day?

Writing Resolutions or Waiting

Every year I struggle with the pressure that January 1st brings. Everyone’s making resolutions, setting goals and making plans. Perhaps it’s just my innate tendency to buck the system or challenge the status quo, but I loathe the pressure and expectation that 01.01 brings. So much so that as a 4th grader I began my new years with writing a will rather than resolutions. True story! Though a morbid take on the traditional norm, even at that young age I felt like I was buckling under the pressure to do something new and exciting. I was misinterpreting the messages around me to believe that I had failed last year and that this year should be different. I should be different. I felt so defeated that in my inability to hope, I just resigned myself to assign away my butterfly clippies and cd’s.  

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to start fresh (and smart to have a will!), but if you’re like me and feel like it’s all building up to something bigger than you can handle, then just let it go. Growing up, my sister had a pet newt named Louie. Somehow, the saying got started in my family, “Let it go, Louie. Let it go.” And coming from a family of six people who had a tendency to be a bit high strung and anxious (hello, I was writing a will at the age of 10), that statement was a funny reminder to just relax.

Thankfully, that will-writing only lasted a few years. But by the time I was a young teenager, I was making resolutions like eating salad everyday for lunch because resolutions are always about weight, right? I was making resolutions that pointed to my flaws and my vain desire to change myself rather than accepting my identity in Christ that I was wonderfully made and starting a new year filled with hope for the plans that He had for me.

Maybe you’re feeling more overwhelmed than hopeful as this new year begins and I'd like to remind you that any day can be filled with hope, drive and aspiration. I am giving you permission to let today be just another Monday. And when you’re ready, no matter how random the day or date is, get excited for the potential available in a new day, a new week, a new month, a new quarter, a new year and go ahead and make those goals! I encourage you to just let it go, Louie. Let it go.

Stacy MacDonaldComment