made. Monthly Mix - January

I might say that music is my love language. I love it all- quite an eclectic mix actually- so I’m really excited about this new monthly series where I’ll be sharing with you what I’m listening to, while making, writing, driving, playing with my kiddos, cooking and dancing (we love a good dance party in our house!). I hope you find something new that you like and will share with me some of your favorites along the way! -S

If I had to sum up January's Mix in one word it would definitely be "cozy". But since I can't ever leave anything at just one word, let me elaborate...

This playlist is like my favorite, big, chunky knit sweater I love to bundle up in. It's like being in a cozy chair, looking out a window, and sipping on a good cup of coffee. It's the kind of music I listen to when I'm writing and reflecting on last year and dreaming and writing goals for the new year. I hope you'll find it to be the perfect soundtrack to those wintry moments for you, too.

Ps- You click that little green button in the top, right hand corner in the playlist above or go to Spotify to enjoy the full version of each of these songs!

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