No Social Media? What?!


February 22nd marked one year from my last post made to social media.

The question I get most often when someone asks for my handle and I let them know I’m not on social media is, “What! Why?” That question is usually very quickly followed by this question, “But how do you run your business if you don’t have social media?”

My answer: “With a whole lot more grace and time.”

Y’all, social media is great. I will forever concede to its merits. However, there are so many drawbacks about it that I don’t even need to spend time listing them out because you already know them. So I leave you with this challenge… taken directly from that final Instagram post on February 22, 2016:

 “Before I leave you though, I'd love to challenge you. I challenge you to try stepping away from social media and stepping out into your community instead, even if it's just for the weekends. I challenge you to end your night not on your phone, inviting the world into your bed, but with your spouse-- listening to them and encouraging them. I challenge you to eat that meal, be at that show, or live in that moment without taking a photo to share for validation in that experience. Just experience it. Capture it in your heart. Share it with those in front of you or just simply cherish it all to yourself. I challenge you to lay down your phone and not check it when it buzzes with a notification. I challenge you to relinquish the incessant need to check your social media platform(s) and instead choose to tangibly do something to enrich someone else's life. And I full out dare you not to post about it. 😘 -S”

 The past year has been wonderful! If you’re finding yourself on the side of overdosing on social media, then perhaps you should consider laying it down, too. You just might find that you don’t even miss it.

Stacy MacDonaldComment