Valentines, Shmalentines


When I think about Valentine’s Day, I’ll admit that even now, at 30, I can distinctly remember that feeling of nervousness and excitement when I would sit in school, anxiously awaiting a Student Council member to visit our classroom and hand out candy-grams and carnations. That anticipation of the public announcement that would declare your wantedness. The endorsement of popularity. The hope that someone at that school thought you were worth their $1.50.


The desire to be pursued and sought after, thought of and purchased for, I think is hardwired into us. And I think it’s hardwired into us because it echoes the greatest love story of all. We long to feel wanted. We long to feel worth it. I’ve got news, sister, regardless of gifts you may or may not receive this Valentine’s Day, hear me when I say that you are so worth it. You are being relentlessly pursued by a God who longs for your heart. He will meet you where you are and anxiously await your invitation, loving you too much to leave you where you’re at. This is a God who purchased your sins at the price of His Son. And He is waiting to lavish upon you gifts of freedom, wholeness, joy, and eternity.

Those are gifts that no box of chocolate, candy-gram, or carnation will ever top.

Stacy MacDonaldComment