My Creative Process - The Struggle is Real


During the first two or three months of each year, I start brainstorming my spring line of pieces. I may release a brand new full line or just a few new products. But let me tell you, my creative process can feel like such a struggle.


Phase 1: The Brain Dump

First, I start out by sketching ideas in my notebook. Just trying to get ideas out of my head to make room for all the other things circling around up there helps me make room to be inspired.


Phase 2: Making Prototypes

After several days of sketching and day dreaming, I start actually trying to flesh out some of those drawings. The funny things is, though, I end up eliminating nearly every sketch once I’m at my production table, and what follows is a string of prototypes that are nothing like what I sketched!


Phase 3: Sit and stare and wonder if anything I just made is actually any good

Next, I let those prototypes sit on my desk for a week or so, allowing me to pass by them, think about them, observe them. I let the girls coming over to watch The Bachelor try them on, and I get their feedback and ideas.


The next phase is like a fork in the road.


Phase 4A: Question it some more and doubt my ability to produce great workI have had prototypes sit on my desk for a year before I finally felt ready to release them, and some have never been released!

Phase 4B: Say “What the heck” and start wearing the new pieces (AKA: Field Testing)Finally, I start accessorizing with my new piece(s). I like to see how they wear, test their durability and, of course, see if they catch people’s eye for that ever exciting comment of, “Oh, I love that necklace! Where did you get it?”


The thing about my creative process, as much of a struggle as it may feel to me at times, is that I don’t think I’d ever produce any really great products if I didn’t first muddle through pages of bad sketches. Just like so many things, being creative is a muscle. You’ve got to work it out before it’s strengthened. And sometimes, you just have to get to the point where you say, “What the heck.”

If you’re reading this and recognizing that you’re in a struggle -- creative or otherwise -- I encourage you to honor that struggle and appreciate it with faith that it is going to produce something even better than you could’ve imagined.

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Stacy MacDonaldComment