Earth Day FREEBIE!

In the spring and fall of each year, I take the two-hour drive from my home in Little Rock, AR southwest into the Ouachita (pronounced wash-i-taw) Mountains to dig and unearth quartz and quartz crystals to use in my jewelry. My hands are the first to touch these stones since their creation! If you’ve been around made. for any length of time, then you know how much this process has taught me (if you’re new to the site, you can read more about that here).

Free Quartz Grab Bags!

With Earth Day coming up at the end of the week, and me realizing it’s not a reality to take each of you out to the mines to dig with me (although how much fun would that be?!), I thought I could at least give you a small collection of quartz for you to get creative with. You may not be able to explore the mountains in Arkansas with me, but you can at least explore what you could do with this state’s mineral.

These grab bags are usually only available for purchase at shows; however, for this week, ANY purchase made through the website will receive a FREE BAG OF QUARTZ automatically! Here’s the only catch: I want you to send me pictures of what you’ve done with some or all of the little collection you recieve! In the past, I’ve received pictures of different necklaces that others have made with these stones, which is always so exciting to see people trying their hand at jewelry making! You could display them together in a dish, scatter them inside your terrarium, or I’ve even dipped them halfway into bright paint to add a splash of color and interest when displayed.

This Earth Day, get creative and try something new with one of the coolest natural resources from beneath the ground.  

Stacy MacDonaldComment