made. Monthly Mix - May

I might say that music is my love language. I love it all — quite an eclectic mix actually — so I’m really excited about this new monthly series where I’ll be sharing with you what I’m listening to, while working, driving, cooking, and dancing. I hope you find something new that you like and will share with me some of your favorites along the way! -S

This month's mix is a total throw back to Classic Rock. Growing up, whenever I was in the car with my dad, all we would listen to was the "Oldies" rock station. He had been a DJ in the 70's so he would teach me who sang what, what album it was on, and what year it was released. Sometimes, he'd get real funky and play with the volume knob, making the sound go in and out to mimic his days behind the turntable. At some point, that Oldies station started playing music that had been new on the radio as I was growing up. Crazy how time works, right?! So to me, the following music takes me back to my childhood summers.

Manipulating the volume is purely optional ;)