Havana Ooh Nana


Written by: Stacy MacDonald

Guest Writing by: Kat Freyaldenhoven

Everyone’s heard the song, right? Well, truth be told, when Kat started telling me about this shirt she was going to make to help raise funds for her mission trip to Cuba I just thought it was a fun phrase. Many weeks later, I am folding laundry and I hear my 5 year old daughter from the other room start singing the catchy line, “Havana Ooh Nana” and I said, “Alice! Did you just make that up?” To which she replied, “No, mom. It’s Kidz Bop.”


Side-note though - Even though the chorus of teenagers singing pop favorites hurts my ears, Kidz Bop for the win for how they sanitize lyrics.

Fast forward to today and I am so pumped to introduce the maker of these super fun shirts, Katharine Freyaldenhoven! You have already met her here… which makes this all that much more exciting! I absolutely love getting to bring people into the made&co. fold and then watch them launch out into their own entrepreneurial dreams! So read below to hear how your purchase of a totally relevant shirt will actually lead to so much more than you just being on point.


As a leader in student ministry, one of my greatest honors is being a part of high school students sharing the gospel over seas! 

This year I have the privilege of getting to lead 30 students on a mission trip to Cuba!! 

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this trip! We get to be the first team from our church to partner with the Surge Project in Cojimar!! In Cuba, you can’t purchase land in order to build a church, so people are tearing down walls in their personal homes, with the exception of one room, in order to hold house church. With it being $3,000 to start a house church, we’ve built this amount into our fundraising budget and get the honor of helping launch a church! We will spend the week assisting local pastors, engaging with locals, serving in VBS, and helping prepare for the launch that weekend! The opportunity to bring the freedom of Christ to people who haven’t had the best view of freedom is such an awesome opportunity!! 

The biggest and most powerful way you can partner with our team is through prayer!!!

    Please pray for:

  • The Lord to cover and protect every detail and member of the trip.

  • To prepare our hearts before hand by drawing us to His word and giving us vision of what He wants to do through each of us.

  • For the ability for each person on the trip to hear and yield to the Holy Spirit and His direction.

  •  For a greater awareness of the Lord in each of our lives and His love and provision for people everywhere! 

  • For hearts of good soil.. 

  • For the lord to prepare the hearts of those we will be meeting and for His words to flow through our conversation. 

  • For the lord to provide financially for each person going on the trip

Other ways you can help our team is through purchasing the Havana Ooh NaNa t-shirt, available exclusively here at made&co. or by giving a direct, tax-deductible gift through this secure link.

I can’t wait to see how God uses our team to not only reach the people in Cuba, but to draw these students into a greater awareness of who He is through the process! I’m thankful that through you’re prayers, purchases and giving, you will get to be a part of impacting the Cojimar community with us!


Kat Freyaldenhoven

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