We are so excited to announce our newest addition to the shop… FOUND!

Our FOUND items are specifically curated for you by Stacy and Brooke (check out their bios here) These items are coming from estate sales, flea markets, and in some cases even their own personal collections of things once loved.

Brooke says, “It truly is a ‘what was lost is now found’ situation. We are literally digging through junk to find these items, just like we dig through clay for the stones we use in our jewelry, and just like these girls are literally digging through their hurts to find restoration. Ultimately, we’ve all been truly found in Jesus. This is just another tangible representation of that.”

We are so excited to jump into this new chapter with you, our amazing customers! Each of your purchases impacts so many lives and that’s shopping we know you love to support; That’s retail with a reach!

Stacy MacDonaldComment