Dear Mom...

This year, rather than offering you a gift guide like we did last year, we thought we would offer some words instead. If you’re a mom that fits one or more of the categories below, we hope that you feel seen, appreciated, loved, and honored when you read our letters to you. If you are someone who knows a mom who embodies the woman in these letters, we hope that our words will inspire you this year as you write your own Mother’s Day cards.

Dear Mom,

Words can never fully convey the amount of love and gratitude I have for you.

You’ve been a picture of both strength and sacrifice;

Unconditional love mixed with a heart full of my best interest.

It’s hard to pair the both, but you’ve done it so beautifully.

I’m sure you have a laundry list of should-haves and could-haves, but I don’t have that list.

My list would consist of all the ways you loved and overcame in spite of the obstacles in both your personal life and the obstacles caused by me! I don’t see failures and missed opportunities, even though I like to joke about the memories of meltdowns you and I have both had!

My list consists of all the ways I am thankful to the Lord for making you my mom.

All the ways I learned what love was through the way you loved me.

All the ways I witnessed you not allowing failure and insurmountable difficulty and heartbreak to wreck you.

All the ways you somehow plowed through all of the difficult challenges.

I know you could have checked out many times, but I also know that this crazy love you have for me, a love you always say I will never understand until I am a parent, is what kept you moving forward when you could’ve easily given up.

Thank you for being my safe place, a picture of what the Lord’s love is like, for all the sacrifices, and for encouraging in me in ways no one else could. Thank you for letting me make mistakes, be a total brat, and allowing me space to grow up and become who you always knew I was.

You’re the best picture of Love this side of heaven and for that I am eternally grateful.

I love you with my whole heart and more!


Dear Moms of Littles (who are probably in pajamas… at Target),

Happy Mother’s Day you incredible mommas! These sweet long days of what seems like endless hard, hard, hard work will be missed one day I promise. (I know, I know. You want to hit me). 

To the mom who is so tired and trying so hard to do everything “right” for the first time — The endless night feedings, diapers and swaddles can make anyone crazy. For now, getting them fed, dressed and strapped into a car seat for the first check up seems like climbing Mount Everest. As soon as you place your winning flag on top of that mountain and think your rocking this your sweet, precious, little, tiny angel throws up all over you and makes you look like you peed in your pants 10 minutes before your appointment. You got this! We are all late to the first check up. Keep on trucking. It doesn’t matter what liquid just got all over you, you are doing it right! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Welcome to the club. 🏔 

To the mom with a new explorer — It’s ok. It’s harder for them to actually get hurt than you think. ;) When all you want to do is finish the dishes (that have piled up from the last few days) and your amazing explorer just wants to see if he can fit into the dishwasher, you got this! A pac-n-play in the den is totally acceptable and anyone who says otherwise shouldn’t be your friend. You’re still doing it right! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! 🍽

To the mom being called to wipe someone — These are moments you learn just how weird littles can be. Some like to hide. Some like to announce it. Some don’t even mind sitting in it for a long time. Pull ups are a new diaper-bag-must and learning where the bathrooms are at the grocery store and Target are your new challenges. Just know that soon you’ll have a cute little tushie walking around in underroos. Underroo-tushies are so cute. Hang in there! They will get it when they get it. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!🚽 

Wether your climbing Mount Everest or just trying to get the dishes done we are all rocking it. Coffee is a vitamin and Target should be covered by insurance for mental health. You’re in the trenches and life is so sweet in these moments. So, if all you can do is laugh because you just want to cry remember: God gave YOU, specifically you, these sticky little faces. This match is perfectly made. You can’t mess it up. 

Love you mommas, 


(The girl in pajamas at Target drinking coffee.) 

Dear Adoptive Mom,

I love hearing about the fight you won to bring me home. Your journey towards becoming a mother wasn’t traditional. The process was arduous, filled with a variety of unforeseen challenges but; you persevered knowing the end result would lead you to me. Truly, it was a meeting ordained by God because only He knew what would unfold when He brought us together. Our story is unique and beautiful.  

We may not share the same genes, but I have gained my best characteristics from you. When I am strong in difficult situations, it’s because you showed me how to endure any trial with poise and patience. When I am feeling insecure and afraid, I hear your voice reminding me of all the things I am capable of achieving. When it’s my worst day, I think, “What would you do to cheer yourself up?” So, I stop for a donut and then head to my favorite store for some retail therapy. 

When people tell me I do something the way you would do it, I smile because who doesn't want to be just like you?

Growing up, you told me that your love was extra special because you chose me! I’d roll my eyes and think “mom is being mushy.” But now, when I snuggle my own babies, I know you were right! The sacrifices you made to make us a family could have only been powered by a mother’s love. 

Your love gave life to a little baby in another country far from the reality she would one day call her own. Your love provided a brighter future and a warmer home than the one society would have offered her. When I really sit and dwell on it—the disparity between my life now and the one I could have had—there is no doubt that your love had greater purpose for the both of us. To call us lucky would be an understatement. 

As a wife, mother and friend, I walk with a resolve to help others feel welcomed like you welcomed me into your home and heart. From day one I belonged, I was yours. This Mother’s Day, I am extra thankful for all you taught me about welcoming people and making them feel safe, celebrated and known. Your unconditional care has filled my life with good things, helped me navigate adulthood and has encouraged me as a mother, myself.

Together, we make the best pair!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Dear Moms Who Have Lost a Child,

When a day of celebration turns into a bittersweet reminder… do you hide? Do you put on your best face and try not to talk about such a deep and intimate loss? Or do you give yourself the space to feel, grieve, and remember your precious angel? If you need permission to not be brave today, here I am to give it to you.

I couldn’t believe I was about to be a first time mom. I was terrified and excited, worried sick and overjoyed all at the same time. I remember feeling purposed; like my life had been leading to this moment, to this role, to this job title and I was more excited than I could have imagined. Then, the unimaginable happened. My shot at becoming a mom vanished. That purpose I had felt, now left me empty. This body that had been growing a life, had turned volatile and betrayed us. The excitement I had had, turned into anger.

Those that meant well tried to tell me that this was not uncommon, offering empty solutions to the flood of emotions and hormones I was experiencing. Being reduced to a statistic, though, is not what I needed. And being told everything would be okay, even if I believed that to be true somewhere deep down inside of me, echoed in my ears that I should just pick up the pieces, put them on a shelf out of reach and move on until everything was okay.

They say there’s no handbook for raising children, but no one mentions that there is also not a handbook for losing them.

From one mom to another, I am here to tell you that what you’re going through, or what you’ve been through, is the worst and I am so sorry that you are also apart of this club. Please don’t shelve your feelings, though. Cry when you need to cry and laugh when you need to laugh. If it’s silence that you need, ask for it. If it’s company that you need, invite them in.

I do believe that there is still purpose in heartache. And I do believe we’ll have a reunion in Heaven.

And Charlie, I can’t wait to play frisbee with you then!


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