The History of the Why

Ever wonder how something came to be? We love history around here and seeing as its our 5 Year Anniversary this month, what better opportunity could there be to share with you our own history… Straight from the desk of owner and founder, Stacy MacDonald, these words will share insight and hopefully get you excited for what’s to come.


It was about survival. I needed a creative outlet. This wasn’t about starting a business. This was about finding something to do with my hands to escape from the swirling depression that was consuming me.


It was about a dream that had the potential to be realized; having my own business and helping others while also helping my family financially.


It became much less about a business and all about sharing my testimony. As the heaviness of the depression and anxiety lifted, all I wanted to do was proclaim my freedom and share how God had used the process in this business to lift me out of the clay and teach me that I was so worth the dig.



It was all about celebrating recovery, redemption, renewal, and HOPE. I removed myself and the business from social media while I found my new identity in Christ and began to learn as much about business as I could.  I was eager to steward this well so that it could actually build up others who found themselves in a miry pit of hopelessness. 


The vision was strong, the dreams were real, but the push was exhausting. This was the year it all almost ended. Becoming more involved with The RH and launching Out of the Clay, all I wanted to do was help young women who were hurting like I had been. I had long dreamed that someday I’d be able to help women through this business, but I began to doubt, once again, that jewelry could accomplish something so significant. I prayed about ending made. and pursuing writing and volunteering instead. God answered that prayer with my first employee. Evidently, made. wasn’t ready to close its doors.


In January of 2019, with a staff of five women, we rebranded and relaunched as made&co. At that point, the addition of “&co.”  was so that we could begin to carry other products from people who shared our heartbeat to sow hope. My heart's desire, though, was still to find a way to use this business to make a lasting impact on women's lives. By May, it was clear that the addition of “&co.” wasn’t just to include other businesses, but the residents of The Restoration Home. With a committed partnership in place and a new location, the residents of The RH began work in August and get to work 25hrs a week in a safe environment, learn job and leadership skills, and earn above living wage to help stabilize their finances.

As we look ahead to the rest of this year and the years to come, we hope that YOU will continue to be as much apart of the story that’s being written as ever before. We hope you will continue to buy our products, share us with your friends, post your pictures on social media, and help us spread the message of Hope. Pain happens, but we think you are so worth the dig.

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