Earth Day 2019: Tips & a Giveaway!

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Plant Lady Tips

from the pro’s at The Good Earth Garden Center

Written By: Stacy MacDonald

Guest Writing: Jennifer Gibson from The Good Earth Garden Center

“God saw everything He had made, and behold, it was very good.” Genesis 1:31

Aren’t you so glad God created such beauty for us to enjoy?!

This Earth Day, we have partnered with one of our local stockists, The Good Earth Garden Center, to bring you tips on how to be the best Plant Lady you can be. We’ve also got a super fun, collaborative giveaway planned for this Earth Day! Be sure you’re following us on Insta so that you don’t miss it on Monday, April 22nd!

Plant Lady Tips

  1. Get to know your plant.  You know, like what it she? What kind of sun, food and water does she prefer? Create a welcoming environment for her.

  2. Don’t smother her.  Yes, you can care too much, and that is when over watering becomes a problem.  

  3. But look out for her.  Symptoms such as yellowing leaves, wilting, new little spots; these are signs that something isn’t right with your plant.

  4. Let her grow.  Over time, if she is growing well, you might need to prune, repot, or divide your plant.  Don’t be scared; this is a good thing!

  5. This is the hard one; let her go.  Growing is a process and even armed with all the information and best intentions, sometimes the fairytale ending of tabletops and shelves filled with thriving plants is elusive.  Don’t give up. Keep growing. It’s worth it.

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