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Based in Little Rock, AR, our house brand, made, exists to cultivate creativity while pointing to Hope in our Creator. With our outreach program Out of the Clay plus 10% of every purchase, we teach women in recovery that just like they stones we mine to make jewelry with, they too are so worth the dig.

Go rings

Based in Austin, TX, Go Rings mission is to create handcrafted, ethically-made jewelry, while equipping those who are going out and spreading some light across our world. Ring by ring, up to 30% of your purchase goes to individuals & organizations who partner with Go Rings monthly to raise money to go do good.

Green Cove Collective

Green Cove Collective

Based in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, Green Cove Collective crafts quality outdoor products while helping their fellow man along the way. Every time you purchase a product from Green Cove Collective, a meal is provided to someone in need.