Here at made we use a variety of metals in our designs. Understanding what your jewelry is made of will help you take the best care of it.

Filled Metals: Filled metals are far more reliable than plated and (bonus!) more affordable than solid gold making it our favorite material choice. These pieces will not flake or “turn” over time and most people find no sensitivity with these metals. Although we don’t advise showering, swimming or exercising in any jewelry, you can worry a lot less with filled metals. We use Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled in our necklaces and bracelets.

Sterling Silver: The great thing about Sterling Silver is that the more you wear it, the shinier it stays! Exposure to air can cause it to tarnish (like that baby spoon your Great Aunt gifted you when you were born), so when you are not wearing it keep it tucked away in your jewelry box. If your Sterling does begin to tarnish, start wearing it more! Or polish it with that little yellow square cloth that you received from us with your purchase. We offer Sterling choices in our necklaces, bracelets and some of our earrings.

Brass & Antique Brass: Similar to Sterling, brass naturally oxidizes from air exposure. Antique brass has already been oxidized to achieve that darker patina. Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc making it naturally nickel-free. Some people may find that their skin reacts with brass. This reaction is a result of your skins pH balance. We do not recommend showering, swimming, or exercising in your brass jewelry. We use Antique Brass chain on some of our necklaces and Brass on many of our earrings.

Plated Metals: Plating consists of a thin layer of gold, silver, or rose gold over a base metal alloy, such as brass (again, nickel free). We do not recommend showering, swimming, or exercising in your plated jewelry as chemicals from the water and your own sweat can degrade the metal over time. Some of our earrings, as well as the wire we wrap the stones with, is Plated Metal.