jewelry with a story

In the Spring and Fall of each year, I dig and unearth Quartz and Quartz crystals from the Ouachita (pronounced wash-i-taw) Mountains in my home state of Arkansas to use in my jewelry. My hands are the first to touch these stones since their creation! I put them through a series of washes and then wrap them in a way that allows their unique characteristics to show off. The result is a beautiful contrast of raw, organic nature and clean, minimalist lines. Read more on the process here.

This process, and the resulting jewelry, is a constant reminder of God's redeeming love and grace for us. Just like how I dig for these stones, pull them out of the clay, wash them and make them shine, He too pursues us relentlessly (Psalm 23), pulls us out of the miry clay of life (Psalm 40:1-3), washes us clean (1 Corinthians 6:11), and calls us His sons and daughters (Romans 8:14 & 15). It is amazing to see His love for us reflected in His creation and to be reminded that we, too, are so worth the dig.

Recovery is near and dear to the heart of made. which is why 10% of all sales goes back out to reach and restore hurting women. Read more on the impact here.

-Stacy MacDonald - Owner, Designer, Miner & Maker