Trail Crusher Quarter Socks

Trail Crusher Quarter Socks

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Branded with the Green Cove Collective’s motto “Seek & Find”, these socks will keep your feet warm and dry no matter what adventure you’re on.

“These socks are knit using a random feed technique on the knitting machine. We use an end of Hi Bulk Acrylic yarn blended with an end of Merino Wool. We then ‘random feed’ these 2 yarns into the machine to achieve the marled / heathered look of the sock. This being said, no 2 pairs are visibly alike.” -GCC

Buy 1 pair for $12 or 2 pairs for $20!

Medium Fits Women's Shoe sizes: 6 - 9

Large Fits Mens’s Shoe sizes: 9 - 12.5

Care Recommendations: Wash socks inside out. Do not wash with towels.

Maker: Green Cove Collective

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